Introduction of Heilongjiang Preschool Education College  

Heilongjiang Preschool Education College is a public college formally approved the establishment by the national Ministry of education in March 16, 2007. The school's history can be traced back to the Normal School attached to the Elementary and higher school, which was built by Qing government in Ning Guta (now the Ningan city) in 1906 (Qing Guangxu thirty-two years). It has been 108 years of school history. After 1990, Mudanjiang Normal School, Ningan Normal School and Mudanjiang Infant Normal school merged to establish Heilongjiang Preschool Education College, developed into a unique institution of higher education, being One of the earliest established three Preschool Teachers Colleges.

 School covers 176,000 square meters, construction area of 78,000 square meters, fixed assets of 83.64 million yuan, of which 25.66 million yuan teaching equipment, library books 354 000. School owns fully functional teaching facilities, containing pre-school training center, multimedia classrooms, language labs, dance studios, piano rooms, electronic reading rooms and more than 100 internal and external training bases.

 The school has 448staffs, including 43 professors, 121 associate professors , 108 masters , 1 PhD and 143 Double-qualified teachers.

 The school has five Departments, including Preschool Department, Foreign Languages Dapartment, Art Department, the Department of Elementary Education and the Basic Education Department. The creation of preschool education major, Chinese education major, English education major, music education major, art education major, early education major, special education major, toy design and manufacturing major, elderly services and management major and psychological counseling major and so on. There are 5,200 full-time college students.

 School was established seven years ago, in the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education, Mudanjiang municipal Party committee and municipal governments concern and support, various reforms and career gained considerable development.

 First, specialty development and curriculum construction achieved outstanding results, and improve the quality of teaching.The initial formation of the pre-school education, language education and art education of the three specialtyl groups, successfully passed the inspection of the six central and provincial key specialties. Improve the four modules (humanistic quality, professional theory, professional skills, social practice) curriculum, preparation of 52 core curriculum standards, the creation of six school-based curriculum ,which close to the practice in kindergarten. The school has three provincial quality courses, five provincial teaching achievement award, and won two provincial teaching Management Quality Award. Through unremitting efforts, the school continues to improve the quality of teaching, and improve comprehensive quality of students. In 2013, 13 students won the students nationwide demonstration vocational skills contest,  6 teachers get the awards in the provincal teachingl skills contest, one teacher won the national micro-lesson award of excellence.

 Second, the effectiveness of the characteristic system construction continues to expand. Schools focus on characteristics, combined with the development needs of pre-school education, to carry out research on featured projects. At present, school has developed 17 specialty items, 11 projects have entered into the classroom implementation. Two project coursebooks have been published, 12 project coursebooks have been sent to publishers to be published. Focus on the development of school-based teaching materials, has been published 23 school-based teaching materials, which have four coursebooks have been established as the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" of pre-professional planning materials by the Ministry of education. In the reform of educational system, formulated the "implementation of the credit system management for Heilongjiang Preschool Education College", completed the measure development of credit system personnel training of 7 majors and 9 directions and has started to implement. Focus on personnel training mode reform, concise out the "2 +1" training mode of "Integration of learning and training, co-culture of Kindergarten and college", integrate organically student's learning and training and put them into the whole process of educating in schools and kindergartens. College had built 28 practice bases, 95 teaching practice bases in the countryside, 220 off-campus bases for interning and training and provide students with more than 2,000 practical training jobs.

 Third, the theme of the construction of campus culture becomes colorful. School Party Committee attaches great importance to the cultural construction of university to "Orchid culture" as the theme of the campus culture embodiments have been fully implemented. The "Orchid" identified as campus flower, college made the construction of campus culture and display platform, including to build a " May 4th" Orchid campus festival, Orchid Art Ensemble, Orchid garden auditorium, Orchid ink spring handwriting and Orchid volunteer service teams. College also completed the orchid culture school-based teaching materials with the unique school characteristics, therefore, the orchid culture and education has officially entered the classroom. The campus culture was filled with rich Orchid atmosphere. Orchid culture functions has been appeared. orchid culture has become the school's classical culture card.

 Fourth, the enrollment and employment and further education mount a new step. In recent years, with the decline in the total amount of university students and enrollment plan in our province, our college completed the school enrollment plan for three years. In 2013, new students who entered college, made our college two years ahead to achievethe "Twelfth Five Year Plan" goal that college can hold 6000 students at school. Facing the difficult problem of employment for university students, by organizing the graduates to meet at the supply and demand fair, and actively carry out the college students' employment education, create graduates employment information platform, college has made every attempt to broaden the employment channels. For two years, the employment rate of graduates for the first time were more than 95 percent, being top among the universities in our province. Higher education seized two important things, adult education and national and provincial training, focusing on efforts to expand the scale, which received remarkable results. By 2013, the size of our school adult education exceeded 2,000 people, the national and provincial training up to 450 people, which creating benefits of 500 million yuan.

 Fifth, the level of faculty and research capabilities continue to improve. Schools adhere to attach great importance on both the introduction and training of Talent Strategy. Since 2008, our college attracted 44 graduate students (of which 26 were officially compiled, appointment of 18 people).  There are 23 in-service teachers to obtain a master's degree, 27 in-service teachers to be master candidates, 5 teachers to be PhD candidates. Our college  sent nearly 100 teachers to Taiwan, Hong Kong and domestic famous universities for further study. At present, there are 35 professors, 127 associate professors , 89 masters , 1 PhD, 143 Double-qualified teachers and 1 provincial top teacher. There is one provincial champion talents echelon and 3 municipal champion talents echelon. The qualifications structure and the title structure of teachers had significantly improved and the teaching ability had improved significantly. Acquired a great achievement, for two years, 1059 papers were published in the provincial journals, 168 books on theory and teaching were published by our college teachers. There are 63 provincial projects and 33 of them had conclusions. In 2013, the project of our school titled "Research on Constructing the Theory and Practice about Teacher Training Model of 0-3 years old Early Education" were approved by the  national education research project of Ministry of Education, to achieve a breakthrough in national research projects.

 Sixth, further improve teaching conditions, further enhance the scientific level of management. School efforts to improve school conditions, invest 13.56 million yuan to build a dining building with 9000 square meters forstudents and teachers. The  dining building was named the province's standardization College canteen. Since 2008, college invested more than 1,800 yuan to strengthen teaching infrastructure. Currently, college constructs 60 multimedia classrooms, six micro classrooms, a lesson taped room, two language laboratories, four digital piano rooms, makes transformation and hardcover for nine dance studios and constructs more than 600 the core computer rooms. In order to further improve the students' practical ability, college invests 2 million yuan to build a unique and leading pre-school practical training center for pre-school teaching with 1677 square meters, creating a good condition for  teaching, training and research. College invested over 150 million yuan to improve the campus security system, repaired the school buildings and classrooms, achieving a green campus. The environment function continue to appear. College increases standardization and institutionalization and efforts to further improve the purchasing service mode, to deepen reform of logistical, and strengthen campus security management, fully to implement the defense system, to establish two separate Departments of student management system, to implement the open system of Party and government affairs , to improve Improve the transparency of decision-making and implementation. The scientific management level of college has improved significantly.

 Hard working for a century, we had our own successes. Development of various undertakings of the school has been fully affirmed by the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the provincial education department. Our college has been identified as the first innovative experimental area of training mode in Heilongjiang Province, continuing education training center for pre-school teachers, Postgraduate training innovation base in Heilongjiang, high-quality and skilled reform pilot for innovation and practical abilities training of pre-school education. The school has won the national "the May 4th red flag Youth League",provincial "safe harmonious campus", the provincial advanced unit of democratic management, the provincial "three aspects of education"advanced unit, Mudanjiang city "Labor Day Medal", municipal "advanced Party committee" and other honorary titles.

 Although it still has a long way to go, we will turn over a new leaf. Heilongjiang Preschool Education College is now standing at a new starting point, continuing to increase the intensity of reform and construction, and strive to become a excellent college that can based on Heilongjiang province and have radiation throughout the country. Our college strive to become a teacher training base of early education with high-quality students, preschool education scientific research center and preschool education information resources center, in order to continue to make new and greater contributions for our country.


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